The Beautiful Queen City

Now lets get down to business… Cincinnati- The great, beautiful, foodie lovin’ Queen City. Did you know that according to Smart Asset Cincinnati was ranked #5 for best city for foodies back in January! I mean I could have told you that… Cincinnati has been deserving of that title for quite some time and it thrills me to see that people are finally appreciating the great chefs, restaurants, and food that Cincinnati has to offer.

Yes, here in Cincinnati we are known for our love of chili. Indeed both Gold Star Chili and Skyline were founded in Cincinnati. But there is so much more to love in the Queen City for instance Graeter’s! What’s not to love about Graeter’s also known as the best ice cream in America according to Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Justin Timberlake and even George Clooney! So if you haven’t tried Graeter’s I suggest you go to the store right now and see what all the rave is about; I promise you will not be disappointed.

However, were not just built on eating chili and ice cream all the time (even though that doesn’t sound half bad). We are also known for our fine dining or so I am told… I am a broke college student right now and haven’t really been able to experience Cincinnati’s fine dining quite yet. Although, I am quite familiar with the “middle class” of dining; you know those places where a meal can range anywhere between $8-$18.

This weekend I plan to explore more of Cincinnati, this time in a different mode of transportation… a pedal wagon. On this experience I hope to find new “must tries” for my readers… Wait do I even have any readers? Is there anyone out there?

Any who, details and photographs will be available to you probably Monday. I can’t wait to share the, hopefully, new finds with you all then!


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