Not Your Typical Easter Weekend

As Easter weekend is coming to an end and we continue throughout the night to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ I thought I would share my not so ordinary Easter weekend with my followers.

Like most of you, I usually celebrate Easter by going up to my parent’s home, celebrating this holiday with the ones I love, finding my Easter baskets, going to church and cooking Easter dinner; each of us kids were allowed to choose one dessert or side dish (usually it is what we gave up that year for lent). However, this year was different…

I didn’t go home, I didn’t go to church, and I didn’t have your typical spread of an Easter Dinner; I was able to do one thing and that was celebrate the holiday weekend with my wonderful, beautiful, older sister. Instead of us doing the a-typical Easter routine, we changed it up a bit; My sister is getting married in 13 days you can imagine the endless list of things she still has to do to get ready for her big day, and as being the Maid of Honor it is my duty to help the bride anyway possible, and if that means I have a not so ordinary Easter Weekend then so be it!

We started off our weekend at happy hour at one of the best bars with a view in Cincinnati: Top of The Park. Top of The Park is an open roof-top lounge atop the Marriott Residence Inn; we enjoyed the great cocktails (ROOFTOP LEMONADE & CINCY SUNSET), light bites (Chips & Caprese Flatbread), and sweeping views of the city as well as the Ohio River as we discussed everything that needed to get done the next day.

IMG_1905Caprese Flatbread: Mozzarella, Roasted Tomato, Basil, Balsamic.
Perfect snack to go along with our drinks!

IMG_1907Chips: Saratoga Chips, BBQ Sauce
Have to admit I was highly disappointment with these; they were bland and half of them were stale. Learned my lesson and I now know not to order them.

IMG_1902As you can see behind me just one side of sweeping views that this rooftop lounge has to offer. Now as you can see in my hand I am holding/drinking, the very delicious might I add, ROOFTOP LEMONADE: Smirnoff Vodka, Muddled Strawberries, Fresh Lemon Juice, Wild Berry Simple. My sister’s choice of drink was the CINCY SUNSET: Bulleit Bourbon, Fresh Orange Juice, Blood Orange Simple.

As the afternoon went on and our conversations extended, we decided that the light bites weren’t holding us over and we could drink for free at her apartment. Before heading towards her apartment, we headed to my favorite on-the-go Mexican restaurant, and no it is not Taco Bell- it is Gomez Salsa. We both got Turtles and we both regretted eating it all! What is a Turtle you may ask, well a Turtle is a “hybrid Burrito, ‘they’ take a burrito sized tortilla, stuff it with all the goodies rice, beans, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, meat, veggies, cheese and form it into a tostado to give it some crunch. ‘They’ seal it up with a cheese of approval, cut it in half and give it to you!”

IMG_1923IMG_1918IMG_1928Chorizo Turtle: Gomez Style

IMG_1931Veggie Turtle: Gomez Style
Had to go veggie since it was Friday- can’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent.

Saturday comes along and we had a full day planned of shopping (9 1/2 hours to be exact) but we couldn’t go shopping without fueling up first and what better place to start your morning than at First Watch: The Daytime Cafe with Fresh Ingredients. IMG_1949Shrimp & Grits: Sautéed shrimp and Andouille sausage in a Cajun low-country reduction with house-roasted tomatoes, onions, peppers, corn and fresh herbs on Bob’s Red Mill Cheddar Parmesan cheese grits.

IMG_1947Avocado Toast: Thick-cut whole grain toast topped with fresh smashed avocado, EVOO, lemon and Malden sea salt. Served with two basted eggs. With a side of Millionaire’s Bacon: Four slices of our signature hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne and a maple syrup drizzle.

9 1/2 hours,  26 stores and over 11,000 steps later we were finally done shopping for everything we needed. Now it was time to start putting everything together:

IMG_1955That lasted until around 1:30 A.M.!

Finally Easter Sunday; Like I stated at the beginning of this blog I didn’t have your typical Easter Sunday. There was no church, or honey baked ham, or even any desserts involved. Today consisted of sleeping in, my sister cooking us brunch, Mega Decks marathon, wedding gift bags preparations, and lastly our version of Easter dinner.

IMG_1962Southwest Scramble: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion topped with avocado with a failed try of Millionaire’s Bacon as a side.

IMG_1964Wedding gift bags- slowly but surely were put together while watching the very addicting Mega Decks marathon on the DIY Channel.

IMG_1968Spaghetti Squash: Squash with marinara sauce, chicken meatballs and cheese with a side of roasted asparagus with lemon.

I would include the recipe but for once I wasn’t the one cooking; my sister graciously cooked for me today. All I had to do was clean up and I was well okay with that.

So as you can see I didn’t have your ordinary Easter weekend or your ordinary Easter dinner. However, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I was able to spend it with my sister who I admire, more than I can explain, and we were able to not only relieve some wedding stress but also spend quality time together.


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