Iconic Duo: Donuts & Coffee

Name a more iconic duo than coffee and donuts… I’ll wait.holtmans

…In reality there is a lot of them.

However, theres no better duo in Cincinnati; some may argue Skyline chili & spaghetti, but I’ll go ahead and tell them that they are wrong. You cannot beat one of life’s simplest pleasures of smelling fresh baked goods and freshly brewed coffee at Holtman’s Donuts.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of eating a Holtman’s Donut, I am sorry about the life you are living. You are truly missing out.

IMG_0511Holtman’s Donuts is a family owned business that has three locations: Loveland, Williamsburg and in Over The Rhine. Ever since the very beginning, that dates back to 1960, the Holtman family believed in quality and old fashion donuts, everyday Holtman’s Donuts creates their donuts from scratch using the highest quality ingredients.

The only problem is that it’s hard to choose which donuts to get; they serve over a dozen of different donuts that ranges from old fashioned cake donuts to their lucky charms donut. However, once you bite into one of their delicious, soft, sweet donut you’ll forget all of your other problems.

hol worker


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