Cincinnati’s Staple

When you think Cincinnati what do you think of?

Maybe it is the Cincinnati Reds…


Or even the Cincinnati Bengals…


However, if you ask any foodie what they think about, when Cincinnati is mention their answer would be: Chili!

Yes, Cincinnati is known for their chili, and if you come to town, you have to at least try one of their staples: Skyline, Gold Star, Camp Washington Chili, etc.

I talk the talk but this past weekend I finally walked the walked and for my first time ever I tried the very famous, “love it or hate it,” Skyline Chili.

Read below to see what I truly thought about this Cincinnati staple…

The very handsome guy that you see in the below photos is my boyfriend & he was so kind to be my model for the day.18423950_744844735640046_7890735769451283362_n18519620_744844738973379_6524648982265366843_n18520013_744844755640044_5481783256131831993_n18447632_744844808973372_7673774185148542290_n18424043_744844812306705_1084035381272666146_n18425232_744844818973371_4186544338931125627_n

It was OKAY. Yes, yes I know Cincinnatians are going to be astounded to hear this, but I am sorry it was truly just okay by itself. The service was great & friendly, the speediness that we received our food was rather impressive, but the food itself I would call average.

I like my chili thick and spicy-This was neither of those things. Cincinnati chili is a thin version of chili, it is more like a sauce- the meat is ground very fine and the key ingredient includes cinnamon.

Even though it is not my cup a chili, I can see why Cincinnatians enjoy it.

  1. For starters if you are a cheese fan this is the perfect place for you!
    1. They pile on the cheese! My Coney Dog was 75% cheese and 25% dog and bun
  2. It is filling!
    1. All that food for a low price- how can anyone beat that?
  3. It is reasonably priced.
    1. We bought 2 Coney Dogs, 1 Regular 5-way, and 1 Small 5-way and it cost us $17.
  4. It is different and unique.
    1. I do not think you could replicate the taste at home.
  5. It is perfect drunk food!
    1. I know here at the University of Cincinnati, Skyline is one of the favorite late night snacks and I can totally see why now. It is filling, it is cheap, it has the carbs, and it has the grease that you need to sober you up.
Hint: If you do decide to make your way to your local Skyline Chili put their hot sauce on it, makes it 10x better! Oh & a side of sour cream to top it with, couldn’t hurt either.

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  1. ohiocook says:

    Ohhh, those 4 Ways!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have learned to love them!


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