Keep Austin Weird

First things first- y’all need to follow me on Instagram (a_dash_of_passion). If you already follow me, then you would have known that during Memorial Day weekend I took a trip down to the live music capital: Austin, Texas.

If you have never been to Austin, Texas before I highly recommend it; full of live music, rowdy people on 6th street, craft breweries, and food trucks dishing out amazing tacos and barbecue.

I went down to Austin for a mini vacation and could not be more satisfied with the city and their food. I was looking to get great barbecue at first but instead I inhaled (more than I probably should have) great Mexican food and for great prices! If you know me by now, you know I LOVE a great deal and I cannot pass it up when I see one.

We started our trip off right by ending up at Casino El Camino for a quick bite the first night we were there. What is Casino El Camino you may ask? Well it is a dark humored, punk rock attitude, barely lit bar that serves out delicious burgers. Their burgers have been shown on the Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), the Travel channel and they’ve won several local awards for being the “Best Burger” for several years now. Serving out nothing but three-quarter pounder, charbroiled, Angus Beef burgers that can range from: The Chicago Burger (Bacon, Romaine lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese) to The Buffalo Burger (Grilled with our own hot wing sauce and smothered with bleu cheese). Personally, I ended up with The Pitts Burger that included sautéed mushrooms, onions, provolone cheese and zesty A-1 sauce. Then of course I had to get a side of their fries- because I for one cannot say no to anything made from potatoes. Their fries are shoestring styled, fresh and hand cut every day.

Sadly, with the lighting being so dim in there I was unsuccessful at getting a picture… So on to the next place I ate, which I ran two miles for.

Yes, you read that right, I ran two miles to eat at El Primo and yes it was worth it. El Primo is the food truck for you, if you’re looking for authentic Mexican. They serve up cheap, hot, breakfast and lunch tacos and tortas that taste like home. Friendly staff, a line of waiting customers, in-house made chorizo, and their verde sauce is to die for; well maybe not that extreme but it was pretty darn tasty, you could taste that it was made that morning and the cilantro played a heavy part in the verde but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


After breakfast and my two mile (walk) back to the hotel, I went on a self-guided brewery tour of Austin. Coming from Cincinnati I expected little from their craft breweries, since we have so many amazing ones in our city. However, they came to play and they were quite impressive, but I do not dare say that they were better than our home city breweries.


You could say that five breweries later we needed a break from alcohol and needed food in our stomachs, so we hit up this joint called… Yeah, I can’t really tell you what it was called because after having five, 6+% craft beers my memory is a little fuzzy. But, I did remember to take pictures of my food and look how YUMMY it looks (I am sure it tasted pretty good too 😉 ).18838994_761788357279017_5678187590145329252_n18921861_761788407279012_6349949199388626248_n18951124_761788367279016_5250325422367939513_n

Even though the past two places dished out some pretty good Mexican food nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can beat Juan In A Million! My favorite little East Side Austin Mexican Diner serving up affordable, delicious, and original food. A place so good, that I went twice during my three-day weekend in Austin. The plates may not have looked the most appetizing but man their food was like nothing I have ever tasted before… especially their refried beans: so smokey, so flavorful, so beany! I have never tasted refried beans like this before and I do not think that I will ever be amused by any other place serving up refried beans again, they just can’t beat Juan In A Million’s recipe.


Juan In A Million has created a name for itself in Austin, Texas just like their name states they are a one in a million type of place to eat and people definitely flock to eat there…


Tip: Go early in the morning to beat the rush!

Lastly, you can’t go to Austin, Texas without going to the tourist trap king of Barbecue: Salt Lick BBQ. Serving over 750,000 pounds of brisket, 350,000 pounds of pork ribs, 200,000 pounds of sausage and more chickens than you want to count in a single year. With their BYOB rule, the open pit in the restaurant, their own winery right around the corner, being showcased on several Food Network and Travel Channel shows, and a plate full of food you can see why this place is common for the tourist. It is something cool to experience once, but if you ask me (and the locals there) there is definitely better bbq else where that needs to be eaten.



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